Food safety and allergen guidance

Food safety and hygiene is of paramount importance to us. 


We are subject to regular inspection and take great care to ensure that all foods are stored, prepared, transported and served in line with current best practises.


It seems that more and more people have special dietary requirements these
days. Here at chef2table we can cater for most dietary requirements such as
gluten free, lactose free, celiac, vegetarians, vegans.

Whatever food allergies, intolerances or simple life style choices you have
made we can adapt or create a bespoke option for you. Please be sure to let
us know.

The food will be made separately from the rest of the kitchen we can also
cater for nut free but please take note that our kitchens are not a nut free
environment. Please specify your request when ordering.


What are the key allergens? Please click on the image below for more details
or follow this link to the Food Standards Agency website



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